In and Around Town

When you stay at the Chapleau Motel, you'll enjoy the peace and quiet of a Northern night while still a stone's throw to a wide range of exciting activites to fill your days. In Chapleau, Ontario we pride ourselves on our fishing and at Chapleau Motel we are proud to be located where we can offer our guests quick access to some of the best Northern Ontario fishing available. We are located less than a 2 minute drive from 3 boat launches into 2 different rivers. If you want to get a jump on your fishing, take the opportunity offered right down the street - grab your fishing pole and tackle box and less than a 2 minute walk away you can practice your casting right from the bridge.

If you enjoyed the short walk and would like to extend it, why not pack up a BBQ lunch and take the few extra steps to Chapleau’s Peace Park. Choose any of the several picnic tables along the walking path surrounded by lovely landscaping. Relax afterwards and watch the beavers or listen to the loons on a park bench overlooking the river.

Something more rustic in mind? After you’ve passed through Peace Park, you can keep walking and find yourself at the Michael Levesque Hiking Trail. Become one with nature and find fascination in every step when you explore the wilderness while hardly leaving the town’s centre.

Wildlife Watching

Chapleau Motel is conveniently located next to the world's most renowned game preserve, the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve. With over 2 million acres of land, the preserve is home to an expansive variety of fauna and flora. Boasting hundreds of species from beautiful birds to small game to the infamous Canadian moose, you're bound for adventure and discovery when exploring the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve.


Chapleau Motel is conveniently located where we can offer our guests quick access to some of the best Northern Ontario Fishing available. We're also surround by Provincial Parks – one in every direction. A 60 minute drive or less in any direction will take you to countless bodies of water where you can find Pike, Pickerel, Lake Trout and Small Mouth Bass among other species. There is no off season for fishing in Chapleau either. Spend a summer's afternoon on the water or throw on your parka for a brisk day of ice fishing in the winter months. Time your visit right to take part in one of our fishing derbies and you may bring home more than you bargained for!


Hiking around the Chapleau area is unparalleled. Rugged trails to beaten paths, you'll find yourself crossing beautiful streams, under the canopy of white spruce and jack pines, and discovering scenic lookouts guaranteed to take your breath away. Chapleau Motel is conveniently placed within 60 minutes drive or less to beautiful provincial parks including Potholes Provincial park where hiking includes traversing over mammoth sized boulders splitting crystal clear waters. Bring your camera, a pair of hikers and a taste for adventure and we'll point you in the right direction.


You've seen the wildlife, hiked the trails, and you're holding on tight to the memory of that big fish that got away, and now you're looking to relax and and unwind. We have you covered with an onsite BBQ to enjoy with family and friends, comfy beds, and cable TV. So take a break and relax at the Chapleau Motel.